Genre-bending for the Win!

Writing in one genre isn’t for me. There are so many facets to who I am and what I’m interested in — I tend to dance between genres based on what feels right at the time and what makes me happy.

My first novel, Love Isn’t Always on Time, is a paranormal romance-horror-comedy written as if you’re watching an 80’s movie, with a bittersweet ending that made me cry while writing. My second book (the one I’m querying) is much different. It’s a YA rom-com with some paranormal sprinkled in. Set in our world in the 90’s, with a small splash of alien divine intervention, and wrapped neatly with a happily-ever-after bow. What I’m working on now isn’t even close to the other two — it’s a contemporary YA exploring depression and self-worth, and it’s my first novel that doesn’t genre-bend. It’s more involved than that, but I’m not yet a quarter of the way through. A lot can, and probably will, change. I don’t like sharing too much about current WIPs until they’re completely written and edited. Every time, I start with a clear outline in mind, then end up somewhere totally unexpected but better than I originally planned. Just like real life!

After I’m done writing this one, I’m thinking about taking a break from YA for a while. I’m eager to write two women’s fiction books, one erotic paranormal romance, and one erotic contemporary romance, but not necessarily in that order. I like reading all subgenres of young adult, women’s fiction (chick lit and Lifetime-esque thrillers), and erotic novels (paranormal romance and contemporary). Naturally, I want to experience writing each one. I’ll occasionally read sci-fi and fantasy, but they’re too much world-building for me to write. I prefer to use the world we already live in and go from there, whether that means adding paranormal elements or appreciating it the way it is.

Every once in a while I get overwhelmed with how many ideas I have because I get so excited to the point I feel like writing them now is imperative. To relax, I remind myself timing is everything in life, and I’ll finish them when they’re meant to be finished. And with how diverse my lineup is, sometimes I worry about finding the perfect agent. I’m an optimistic idealist — I want someone who will be my partner for the length of both our careers, someone interested in at least all the genres and subgenres I’m interested in. Yesterday, it finally hit me: I already found my husband-soulmate, and I imagine that’s a lot more difficult than finding an agent-soulmate! I can do this.

It will be really interesting to look back on this post a year from now and reflect on the new ideas I’ve come up with, what I’ve finished, and what I’ve started, especially since abandoning stories to make another one a priority is also a part of being a writer. Before December of this year, I still want to partner with the right agent, finish my third novel, and write countless blog posts. I have a lot planned.

Happy reading and writing! 😄

Update (7/9/20): There’s another paranormal YA novel idea I’ve been thinking of writing for quite some time now… I might end up making that one a priority after my current WIP. 😂 Only time will tell!

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