Meet Me Out There πŸ‘½

Fall, 1992.

Next-door neighbors and best friends for most of their young lives, Mason and Fran are hopelessly in love, but neither one of them will risk their friendship to reveal their feelings. He spends his days traipsing through their spooky hometown forest, desperate for paranormal evidence. She spends her nights watching the stars and praying he’d come down from the clouds and focus on what’s right in front of him for once. When a mysterious new kid drops the veil and prophesies a miserable future for Mason if he doesn’t change course, is it already too late? Will the secrets Fran keeps unravel them, anyway? How can they move forward if they know each other better than they know themselves?

Perfect for those who love romantic comedies with a dash of the paranormal and those nostalgic for the nineties, The X-Files, and Roswell.

Meet Me Out There is available in paperback on Amazon and on Kindle.

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